Intended Learning Outcome





  ILO 1 Able to show attitude as religious person,respect to values of humanity, act as citizens who are proud with their country and respect to culture diversity, local wisdom, and religion based on Pancasila and the constitution of Indonesia
Competence ILO 2 Able to apply logical, critical, innovative thinking and showing independent, quality, measurable performance in the developing science and technology.
Knowledge ILO 3 Able to apply biology, physics and mathematics subject as a basic science
  ILO 4 Able to analyse and solve problems in cell and molecular biology, physiology, genetics, structure and development, biosystematics and evolution, microbiology, ecology and  local wisdom
  ILO 5 Able to implement the concepts and principles of technological content and knowledge in biology  learning
Skill ILO 6 Able to apply skills and work safety, design and manage an activities in biology laboratory or school biology laboratory.
  ILO 7 Able to create good partnership, have responsibility and make a good decision as educator, researcher, laboratory manager and bio-entrepreneur
  ILO 8 Able to design, implement and evaluate learning in biology subject
  ILO 9 Able to plan and perform a scientific activities with appropriate methodology and formulate the data correctly
  ILO 10 Able to create and publish an innovative and creative finding in biology education
  ILO 11 Able to design and create green market products as a bio-entrepreneur


February 17, 2017 - February 17, 2018


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