Biology education taskforce team participates in international accreditation field assessment

Oleh: Regina Valentina Aydalina . September 9, 2022 . 18:20:44

The Biology Education Study Program taskforce team participated in an international accreditation field assessment simulation, as a form of the MIPA faculty's seriousness in dealing with the FIBAA assessor team from Germany, 4 Mathematics and Natural Sciences study programs participated in a field assessment simulation organized by the accreditation division by the Learning Development and Quality Assurance Institute (LP3M) Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, the activity which was held from 8 to 9 September 2022 was carried out in a hybrid manner at the ballroom of the Universitas Negeri Gorontalo Central Library.


February 17, 2017 - February 17, 2018


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