Biology cares for each other

Oleh: Regina Valentina Aydalina . September 4, 2022 . 17:00:00

Biology care or known as Biology Sharing is one of the programs run by the Biology Education Study Program Student Association as a form of caring for others. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen our sense of caring and kinship with others. As for the sense of concern that we channelled to the traffic community, precisely the red light in the city of Gorontalo, namely in the form of providing a little food and drinking water. Looks simple but hopefully can be useful for those in need.

On Sunday, September 4, 2022, at exactly 17:00, Biology Education Study Program students took to the streets not only to provide advantages but always give an appeal to the community, precisely at the Andalas red light, Gorontalo city to remain obedient to traffic so as not to cause things that hurt you. undesirable. We do this for nothing but our common interest. Help each other because they are part of us too. Because we are students of the Department of Biology, we are taught to prioritize a sense of togetherness in differences, where the meaning is in accordance with the slogan of biology, 1 root 1 stem 1 leaf, 1 word 1 taste 1 heart. Cultivate a social spirit in the biology of sharing

We express our gratitude to those who have helped in the success of our activities. Thank you


February 17, 2017 - February 17, 2018


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