List of Scholarship : 

a. Smart Indonesia Card

Scholarships are grants in the form of financial assistance given to individuals that aim to be used for the continuation of the education taken. Scholarships can be awarded by government agencies, companies or foundations. Scholarships can be categorized as free gifts or gifts with a work bond (commonly called an official bond) after the completion of education. The length of this service bond varies, depending on the institution that provides the scholarship

b. Indonesia Central BANK

The Bank Indonesia Scholarship is a scholarship provided by Bank Indonesia for undergraduate students at PTN & PTS as well as selected SMK students. Through this scholarship, BI will provide assistance for tuition fees, study allowances, and also living expenses.

c. Van Deventer- Maas

VDMI aims to achieve its goals primarily by providing scholarships to young Indonesian students at selected universities, colleges and high schools. The Foundation also provides capacity building programs for scholarship recipients, which aim to promote their personal development and opportunities in the job market. VDMI also has the possibility to support additional projects in line with the foundation's mission.


LBB is a program from the Distribution and Utilization Division whose task is to provide education funds to ensure the sustainability of educational programs for the underprivileged/poor student groups as an intergenerational responsibility. In its duties, LBB carries out the functions of Planning, Implementation, Control, and Reporting.



February 17, 2017 - February 17, 2018


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